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My Guiding Philosophy

The Spiral

The spiral represents a life long journey, direction and progress, starting at the most divine center and drawing upon the energy of the cosmos. It is a symbol of evolution, self-transformation and the everlasting search for knowledge and wisdom. Within the continuous spiral, we are all of what we experience, transforming each moment into the next, accepting all that was and expanding outward and upward in our evolution. The spiral allows for perspective as our vantage point changes and we surrender to the awareness that we are both connected and separate.

Sprial only.png
Dolphin only.png

The Dolphin

The dolphin delights all of our senses and brings healing energies to mind, body, and spirit. The dolphin is a playful spirit, a symbol of our limitless possibilities. The gentle nature of the dolphin looks for the good in everyone and strives to bring about a peaceful existence. This beautiful creature is protective and an ally of those stranded at sea, known for their willingness to guide one to safety. With strong moral conviction and self-confidence, the dolphin reminds us to speak our minds and stand our ground rather than hide our true selves.


On a most personal level, when these symbols combine, we come together on our path toward transformation, becoming and accepting who we are meant to be. The dolphin brings playfulness, protection, and great caring as we climb the spiral, embrace the journey and transcend. Much like the stories of Delphinus, the constellation belonging to the Heavenly Waters family of constellations, these images represent union of the dolphin and the cosmos. 

Spiral Dolphin Together.png

"…And the night was filled with magic, as they bid the sea goodbye, swam into the heavens and they stayed up in the sky, and all the island people when they wish upon a star, see the dolphin and the jolly mon who tell them where they are.”   - Jimmy Buffet, immortal poet of the cosmos.

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