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My Background

We each have our unique journey into wisdom and awareness. Mine began as an untimely birth surrounded by fear and pain, propelling the spirit into a world of adversity, confusion, anger, hurt, beauty, love, contradiction and resilience, resulting in a chaotic and fabulous journey inward and beyond. The need for understanding led me to study many cultures, their rituals, and their struggles. Excelling in academics took me to many programs and schools, landing with a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, certifications and extensive studies in trauma, resilience, attachment, and best practice interventions, pushing the status quo. It was not easy – many relationships come and gone, personal hurts and losses, lack of trust in my own worth…all of this an amazing training ground.

My exposure to adversity taught me to look inward for my own light, and to study compassion and mindful teachers, develop my intuition and connect with my guides. Using all that I learned through my lifetime, I found it possible to feel gratitude to my harshest teachers and appreciate that we are in this together, helping each other toward our highest self. 

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My Approach

Science, research, spirit, experience come together in an alchemical process that can help us to explore the deeper meaning, divine lessons and purpose. For more than six decades I have been a student, for more than three decades I have worked in all of the major systems (community mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare, and crisis services) as a practitioner, administrator, and teacher. 


My focus has been to work with  individuals and families who are experiencing difficulties due to trauma.  I am trained Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR),  and the Flash Technique, trauma interventions recognized internationally an effective and efficient intervention. Additionally, my expertise includes couple’s work, family work,  persistent mental health disorders, and grief and loss. 


I am a light worker, a Reiki Master, a practitioner of magic and a believer in our divine connection. This journey has taught me to live in gratitude, to embrace compassion for all ( including self), to dance when I can and to embrace the power of universal life force energy. 

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